Pediatric First Aid



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What You Will Learn:

  • The importance of learning first aid skills and how you can: reduce risks by keeping a fully equipped first aid kit, help the child until the paramedics arrive, and perhaps save his or her life in the process
  • How to clean and dress scrapes and wounds and use the RICE rule to look after a child with sprains or broken bones
  • How to position a child with head injuries correctly, recognize symptoms of concussion, treat different degree burns and help a choking child to breathe again
  • Very importantly, you will also learn how to provide CPR to a child. The course will also teach you how to provide chest compressions, give rescue breaths and how to position a child who is not breathing

Benefits of the Course:

  • The course helps you become familiar with the different types of emergencies that can occur and teaches you to recognize signs of serious situations such as concussion and snake bites
  • Not only will you learn what you should do, but you will also learn about what you shouldn’t do to worsen the situation
  • First aid skills training helps you respond correctly, without panic or confusion, in potentially stressful situations


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