Lash Lamination



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What You Will Learn in This Course:

  • Proper safety and hygiene when working with eyelashes and the range of products involved
  • The necessary tools of the trade and how to set up your workstation professionally
  • How to prepare for a session, communicate with the client about the lash effect that they desire and ensure that you are able to meet their expectations
  • How to prepare the client’s face by effectively removing makeup
  • How to safely mix, apply and remove eyelash tint
  • How to avoid common pitfalls, such as spilling tint on yourself or the client
  • How to angle lashes to lift from the root, opening the eye for a transformational effect
  • How to create a stunning, naturally beautiful look
  • How to conduct a tidy, hygienic professional practice and how to properly dispose of used materials
  • How to empathetically communicate with the client throughout the session
  • How to manage time during the session
  • Areas to practice to help build confidence in your technique

The Benefits of Taking This Course:

  • Gain a new skill, which will enable you to become a more accommodating beauty therapist
  • Be more employable and in demand by clients
  • Become a specialist in eyelash treatments, either learning this as a new discipline or updating existing treatment offerings, such as lash perms
  • Achieve a skill that can be used both professionally and casually
  • Become more manually proficient in facial treatments, developing a gentle, yet confident, touch
  • Feel confident that you can offer a safe, hygienic and high-quality experience for your clients


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