How to Manage Your Money



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What You Will Learn:

  • The multiple benefits of financial management, including getting out of debt, saving for unexpected expenses and retirement savings
  • You will gain insights into income taxes and the difference between gross and net income
  • You will learn the importance of creating a budget in terms of identifying unnecessary expenses, the potential for savings and building strong personal habits over time
  • Important money management tips that can help you take care of your money over the long term
  • How to set up a budget step by step, including calculation of expenses, creation of savings goals and recording all spending activity
  • How to correctly use credit cards, without incurring high rates of interest

The benefits of Taking This Course:

  • You can manage your income and expenses better
  • You will understand how to save better by cutting down on unnecessary expenses
  • The useful money management strategies will help you stay out of debt and build positive habits, such as discipline and self-control
  • You will learn how to get out of debt without borrowing more money
  • You will be able to identify the different ways in which to invest your savings


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