Easy and Achievable Weight Loss



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What You Will Learn

  • Different kinds of diets and to differentiate between good and fad diets; how nutrition affects overall health and well being
  • The health benefits of different kinds of exercise and how they can help you achieve weight loss
  • The differences between types of weight-loss diets, including Atkins, Mediterranean, vegetarian and flexitarian diets and how each works to help you achieve weight loss
  • To understand your mindset and perception about yourself and what you can do to reset your internal reward system
  • To choose the right kinds of foods by reading labels and making positive lifestyle plans to support your weight loss goals
  • How you can use hypnosis to help you to lose weight

The benefits of taking this course

  • You can choose healthy ways to lose weight or help others lose weight
  • You will know which diets and lifestyle changes to avoid
  • You can help yourself or your clients to become fitter, leaner, stronger and more confident
  • You can help people achieve improved health and well being by reducing risks of conditions like stroke, diabetes and heart disease.


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